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Glantraeth FC of the Island of Anglesey

Football Culture

We may only be a small-town football club with players that most people have never heard of, but we like to play the kind of football that we see from Barcelona; fast-paced, pass and move with attacking flair. We've had great success playing this style of football, which we think is because most smaller Welsh clubs cannot match our speed so are easily out-passed by us. It takes a great deal of work on the training ground for the players to produce this kind of football. The players must all possess a very high level of physical fitness, agility and passing accuracy.

Our Club

Glantraeth Football Club embraces the values of competitiveness, teamwork, respect and fair-play. This culture has allowed us to win the support and devotion of people in towns and villages all around us, and this support has, in turn, been a massive boost to our players as they have achieved our many successes on the football pitch. We would like to acknowledge the support of all the people and organizations who have helped our club become what it is today: our amazing fans, our talented payers, Mr Iolo Owen MBE who donated the land for our stadium and football pitch, our corporate sponsors Discovery UK, the Welsh FA who recognized our achievements and allowed us to play in our current league, and all of the staff who operate behind the scenes at our wonderful little football club.

Grass Routes Football

We also have a small youth academy with some junior teams made up of youngsters from the surrounding area. We are one of the club's signed up to the English FA's drive to improve future UK national football teams by producing better adult footballers by delivering training programmes devised by the new St George's Park coaching headquarters. We have all of our junior players train on reduced sized football pitches so that they are forced to make short passes to one another and dribble the ball around instead of booting the ball far away up the pitch and chasing after it.

Visitors Get off Easily

You might feel inclined to feel sorry for St Asaph after they just got beaten 3-0 by us, but as it happens they got off lightly and we should have had many more goals considering how much were they in command over the ninety minutes. We were unlucky not to get the first goal after thirteen minutes […]

A Welsh Footballing Curse Lifted

Over the past few seasons, Glan have had a string of very disappointing results at the ground of Llanrug United Football Club. It started to seem like we were cursed when playing away to them. But that ended last night with three hard-earned points for Glan in a match in which keeper Ben Heald emerged the hero […]